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Recent news stories regarding our MFM UK Primary Opportunities Fund are below.
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7th September 2021

August: Dividend recovery The recent UK dividend monitor report from Link group highlighted the sharp recovery in UK dividends in Q2 2021, rising 43.8% from the previous year on an underlying basis. Of course much of the recovery came as a result of companies resuming dividends. In Q2 2020, three-quarters of companies cut or cancelled… Click to find out more

5th August 2021

July: Sun, sea and IPO’s Investment bankers have started to drift off on holidays, allowing us some respite in what has been an exceptionally busy eighteen months for equity fund raisings. 2021 has been very much about equity raisings as companies seek capital in order to expand into the sharp global economic rebound. The IPO… Click to find out more

8th July 2021

MFM UK Primary Opportunities | Fund Update | 2021 June: Why so much M&A activity in the UK currently? We have commented for a number of months on the growing M&A activity in the UK market. It continues to trade at a material discount to other major markets. In our view, this gap either closes… Click to find out more

4th June 2021

After an extended period of outperformance from growth-orientated equity strategies, only 19 UK equity funds have managed to beat their peer group both year-to-date as well as the five years prior. Read the full article on

4th June 2021

MFM UK Primary Opportunities | Fund Update | May 2021 May: UK equities make further progress amidst an M&A boom The pace of equity raises remains unrelenting and we anticipate a busy summer ahead. There is a substantial pipeline of deals and our primary opportunities process is well placed to take advantage of the demand… Click to find out more

7th May 2021

April: UK market buoyancy continues as mid and small caps hit record highs In a further busy month for new investments, Helios Underwriting, Arena Events, Duke Royalty, Chrysalis Investments and Barclays were added to the portfolio.  Music Magpie and PensionBee were purchased at IPO in what has been the strongest start to the UK IPO… Click to find out more

12th April 2021

‘The alternative investment market is an exciting way of investing in growth companies while escaping the tax man’s clutches’ writes Oliver Brown

12th April 2021

‘What promises to be a busy year for IPO’s and capital raising presents a sure-fire way for UK equity investors to cash in on the early stages of an economic rebound’ writes Oliver Brown

12th April 2021

March: an IPO rush. 5 companies purchased at IPO We again saw many primary opportunities with the volume of equity raises in what was one of the busiest quarters on record for equity funding globally. This we believe to be very positive for investors in the fund as we are able to choose from those… Click to find out more

11th March 2021

The year’s equity raises have only just begun The pipeline of equity fund raising is coming to fruition. This is due to the combination of companies wanting to expand into the anticipated economic recovery and a backlog of deals that had been delayed as a result of uncertainty caused by the pandemic and Brexit. We… Click to find out more

3rd February 2021

MFM UK Primary Opportunities’ strategy is unique to all other UK equity funds in the market because it focuses exclusively on equity raises. One small UK equity fund has a process built into its strategy that offers exposure “simply not available to the typical retail investor” and its manager is anticipating record amounts of activity… Click to find out more

3rd February 2021

2021: The year of the equity raise We may still be in the early weeks of the new year but never have we been aware at this stage of the year of more equity raises, whether it be IPO’s or existing listed companies looking to raise funds. This is due to the combination of companies… Click to find out more